Covid-19 Updates

Fountain View’s Outbreak Response Plan

February 25th, 2021

At the direction of the New Jersey Department of Health, we have continued to conduct regular testing of all staff.  We are also currently testing residents weekly.  We continuously monitor residents for signs and symptoms, and will contact you if your loved one is diagnosed with COVID-19.  In addition to these precautions put into place, we are providing on-going training to all employees on infectious disease control measures, we have a supply of PPE, we are screening and taking temperatures of EVERY person coming in and out of the facility, and are strictly adhering to guidance from local, state, and federal agencies.


We have not had any new positive Covid test results since our last update.  We currently do not have any residents or employees who are Covid-positive.   We are in contact with the Health Department, and we are following their direction.  We will  be testing all residents and employees regularly until further notice.   


We understand that connecting with family members is incredibly important to our residents. Family members are encouraged to connect with their loved ones through video chat, calling, texting, or other social media formats. If you would like to schedule a video chat with a resident, please send an email to or contact the facility at 732-905-0700 and ask to speak with the Activities Director.  Alternatively, you can now schedule an outdoor visitation in accordance with Department of Health Guidelines.


We encourage you to call our facility at 732-905-0700 for updates on the status of your loved one.  If you have any questions, you can email our Director of Social Services, Shira Lob at 

I appreciate your understanding and continued support. We know this is a difficult time for everyone.  We remain hyper vigilant and will do our best to keep communication flowing as the situation evolves.



Yeshaya Seeve, LNHA